President Rodrigo Duterte has a brand new tirades towards Commission on Human Rights Chairman Chito Gascon.

During his speech on the Matina Enclaves in Davao City on Saturday, the President requested the CHR Chairman why he’s so centered within the death of the boy youngsters whereas he ignored the opposite crimes dedicated by the drug addicts just lately.

“Look, kaya nga itong si Gascon, let me just tell the guy for all of these. He is really the spokesperson for Liberal and for the opposition who wanted me to be out of Presidency. I am inviting you to try it, para magkasubukan na tayo,” he stated.

“Kasi puro ka teen ager teen ager,” he added.

He additionally talked about the case of a two yr outdated boy who obtained raped by his uncle who’s excessive in unlawful medication.

According to him, the issue of the CHR was they’re so centered of their political enemy.

“Kita mo nakatutok lang sila sa Patay bata.. Patay bata.. forgetting all other crimes committed in thy name of drugs,” he stated.

“Two days ago, may isang adik dinala yung anak ng kapatid niya doon nakuha sa CCTV na. Then stay there for a while, raped the child 2 years old lalake then chop it nilagay niya sa bagahe,” Duterte stated.

Duterte stated that there are crimes occurring within the Philippines particularly in Marawi the place the terrorists had been raped their hostages on a regular basis, however the human rights group didn’t even paid consideration to those crimes.

“Wala man lang kayong narinig sa Human Rights na tama na yan,” he stated.

President Duterte didn’t stopped his emotion and cursed Gascon for being centered to the case of ’s death.

“Itong si Gascon, ilang araw ng teen anger, parang pedophile kang p***** ina ka, bakit ka masyadong mahilig sa teen ager, are you? Nagdududa tuloy ako eh” President Duterte stated.

“Bakla ka o Pedophile ka?” he added.

Duterte stated that he additionally obtained police officers died whereas preventing criminality and the media didn’t even made a headline about them.

The President stated that even youngsters died throughout the battle towards medication, it doesn’t imply that he must cease.

“We cannot stop, otherwise I will throw this country to the dogs. Di ko talaga pwedeng hintuan to,” he stated.

He  apologized for the error dedicated by his police officers and he thinks that the dangerous cops had been additionally concerned in unlawful medication.

“Tong mga patay, I’m sorry, but it had to happen, I’m sorry that there are police that are bungog na.. baka naka shabu din o kasali sila sa shabu, because the entire Caloocan Police was relieved” President Duterte referring to the Caloocan cops who confronted controversy due to a number of crimes that they dedicated together with the alleged theft occurred a number of days in the past.

He additionally slammed the CHR for threatening the federal government that they might ship an investigator in Marawi to analyze the human rights violations there.

“Kaya ikaw Gascon, I hope to meet you one of these days.. tignan mo..” Duterte warned.

“Why is this guy is suffocated with the issue of the young people, especially boys, are you a pedophile? Mahilig ka sa mga bata? halos maiyak ka na ng dugo, you are  fixated with  the death of the young male. Kaya nagdududa ako pedophile kang g*g* ka” he added.


Source: classifiedtrends