Sep eight, 2017 @ 19:28

Senator Leila de Lima on Friday scoffed at Sen. Manny Pacquiao for his obvious double customary on what testimony and proof must be given ‎credence by the Senate simply to guard presidential son, Pulong Duterte, from intenses questioning by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

“Pacquiao went on the record to say two things: one, when someone says ‘sabi nila sa akin’, that is not sufficient evidence to adjudge a person guilty and two, ‘hindi porke may picture ang isang public figure kasama ang isang tao, ay ibig sabihin kasama na sya sa transaction ng taong iyon,” stated de Lima.

De Lima stated that if Pacquiao used the identical requirements in her unlawful medication case, the testimony and proof made by convicts and drug lords towards her would have been thrown out the window.

“Those are exactly the kind of trash ‘evidence’ that the cases against me are based on, from the mouths of convicted felons pa, with an axe to grind and everything to gain from currying favor from the current administration that is so gung-ho on persecuting me. So is there any cause for me to expect the honorable Manny Pacquiao to demand that hearsay evidence against me be ‘taken back’ and stricken out as well?” De Lima requested.

De Lima, who’s at the moment detained on account of her alleged drug hyperlinks, felt vindicated when Pacquiao identified what she has been saying all alongside.

“(He said) ‘Hindi porke may picture, kasama ka na sa transaction nila’. How I wish you uttered the same thing about the supposed photo of mine with Kerwin Espinosa, a total stranger to me,” she stated.

She was referring to the picture taken with Espinos in Baguio City when she was campaigning then for her senatorial bid. The selfie with Espinosa was used to pin her down on allegations that she acquired drug cash from the latter in thousands and thousands of pesos so as to add to her marketing campaign kitty.

“A single, impersonal photo would not have the same weight and does not tell a story in the same way as a series of multiple photos that depict the subjects like those in the case of (Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo) Polong (Duterte), Charlie Tan, Kenneth Dong and “Small” (Nilo Abellera) being playful and aware of one another,” she stated.

During Thursday’s listening to by the Senate blue ribbon committee on corruption in Bureau of Customs (BOC), Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV made a slide presentation on the images of the presidential son with alleged recognized drug smugglers who’re being linked within the cargo of the P6.Four-billion shabu from China.

Duterte vehemently denied being behind the so-called Davao Group alleged to have assist facilitate the stated cargo.

“Sa dami ng litrato, at mukhang naghaharutan pa, there is cause to delve deeper into the plausibility of Trillanes’ theory that these men are known to and are, in fact, very familiar with one another, more than just drinking buddies,” she stated.