Man survives crocodile attack in Australia's northern Queensland after jumping into water to impress a British backpacker he had a crush on. (Photo grabbed from Reuters video)
Man survives crocodile assault in Australia’s northern Queensland after jumping into the water to impress a British backpacker he had a crush on. (Screenshot from Reuters video)

CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA (Reuters) — An Australian man is fortunate to be alive after he was bitten by a crocodile in northern Queensland on Saturday (March 18) after he jumped  into the Johnstone River to impress a girl he had a crush on.

Known to be infested with crocodiles, Lee De Paauw jumped into the river after ingesting at a backpackers hostel with a group of pals, together with British backpacker Sophie Paterson.

According to native media, De Paauw instructed Paterson backpackers had been extra seemingly to be eaten by crocodiles than Australians and determined to put the speculation to the check.

Moments after jumping into the river, De Paauw was attacked by a crocodile and dragged six meters.

“Holy crap, I’m gone for sure,” he stated from his Cairns hospital mattress of the second he was bitten.

“At that point I punched it in the snout. My second hit, I got it straight in the eye and then it let go,” he stated.

De Paauw then managed to swim to the steps and got here out with a chunk in his left arm.

Securing a job fruit-picking, Paterson stated she couldn’t go to De Paauw due to her work commitments however has agreed to go on a date with him.

“She’s beautiful, caring and kind,” stated De Paauw.

“I didn’t know there was a crocs there. I just done it for Sophie (sic),” he added.

Doctors have stated De Paauw is not going to lose his arm however will certainly be scared for all times.

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