Canadian Political Scientist and commentator Amir Assodollahi appears loss his cool after he noticed the viral picture of senator Risa Hontiveros, allegedly saying that the state of affairs in Marawi City can’t be thought of as revolt nor invasion and the Maute Group is ‘just doing the right thing’.

In his prolonged Facebook post, Mr. Assodollahi slammed Hontiveros for allegedly siding with the Maute terrorists and discouraging the federal government to do the correct motion to exterminate the armed group.

According to him, Hontiveros simply inspired folks to choose up arms and do violent issues within the Philippines and pressure the folks to simply accept their beliefs.

He additionally requested if the girl senator is out of her thoughts to point out her assist for the terrorist group IS who terrorized Marawi City and allegedly killed individuals who doesn’t need to comply with their beliefs.

The Canadian political scientist additionally mentioned that Hontiveros should be put behind bars for allegedly directing folks to create chaos within the Philippines.

He additionally mentioned that the girl senator just isn’t paid to divide the Filipino folks and saying such assertion is the stupidest factor that he learn on the web.

This is the entire post of Mr. Amir Assodollahi.

Well, effectively, effectively! Madam Senator Risa Hontiveros (Carnivorous),

Do you understand what you have simply acknowledged? You are brazenly telling folks within the Philippines to choose up arms, kidnap folks, take folks hostage, minimize folks’s head off and homicide them, rape folks, pressure folks to simply accept their values, do pressure entry, burn locations and take folks’s private property, assault jails and authorities amenities, committing acts that violates national legal guidelines and national safety and thought of to be crimes and unlawful, and on the identical time it’s going to divide the nation and can result in folks from everywhere in the Philippines who in legal group and members of legal syndicates and are concerned in criminality, medication and corruption to affix ranks with terrorists and commit acts of lawlessness and put most of the people’s life at risk and put the national safety at risk by undermining peace and safety and the reforms and progress the Philippines is making beneath the notion of “epitome of courage and resilience.”

Are you out of your thoughts Madam? I perceive that your corrupt and legal buddy Madam Senator De Lima is behind bars for her legal actions, and you are nervous that you shall be quickly behind bars perhaps sharing the identical cell or be within the subsequent cell for all of the corruptions that you have sipped your fingers in them as much as your shoulders, however significantly, are you our of your thoughts?! What you are saying is strictly as saying that ISIS is the epitome of braveness and resilience” as these teams have pledged alliance to ISIS, and by that they pledged their alliance to a recognized terrorist group in try and wage battle in opposition to the Philippines by aiming to divide it and create an impartial state based mostly on their very own with “a belief, a conviction” and “have a motivation” that you say Filipinos “should be inspired of what they are doing” and straight approving of their values and straight telling the Filipinos to be lawless, homicide folks, rape, steal, take the general public amenities by pressure and by weapons, storm the jails, kill the national guards and police, bomb, take hostage, promote medication to finance themselves, do human trafficking and little one prostitution, and many others and many others by telling folks to be impressed by them and “do what what they think is right” as you imagine what these terrorist who’ve recognized themselves to have pledged themselves to ISIS weren’t rebels and by your idiotic definition they have been brave heroes that every one Filipinos ought to be taught from! Are you out of your thoughts?! How deep have you been concerned concerned with ISIS financing that you really feel, let me right myself, you imagine that the teams that affiliate themselves with ISIS sort of worldwide terror teams have been the heroes?! Or are you so deep concerned with Madam Senator De Lima and Senator Trillanes and different stooges in your group of legal minded and corrupt political and enterprise oligarchs that you are keen to show your nation into Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and different nations like them?! Are you a lot bitter for having your occasion the shedding occasion of minority that you are keen to let your nation be divided and burn in fires of battle and destruction to only fulfill your grudge and shattered ego? Are you so blind that you and your loser buddies can’t see that your nation is in actual risk of foriegn contra affair businesses’ direct manipulation to enter into battle and hazard the regional safety?

I’m not a Filipino, however a Canadian Political Scientist, and what I see is you and your corrupt buddies are doing all the pieces you do to hazard your nation’s peace and safety. You ought to be put behind bars for instigating and directing folks to violate the legislation and commit crimes that violets legislation and order, as a result of your assertion says that. You are telling folks to be like ISIS and do what they imagine is true and never comply with what the legislation says is true. You are instigating revolt in all of the Philippines, and you are committing acts of treason by utilizing your political workplace to instigate the society to go in opposition to the federal government.

Call me naive, however the place is your loyalty to – to your political occasion (carrying your yellow quick) or to your foriegn masters or to the folks of the Philippines (and meaning uniting the folks to fallow legislation and order and be united beneath one flag and one land and one folks)?!

You, as a servant, A SERVANT you dim width, a servant to the folks of the Philippines, YOU are sitting in your workplace to unite the folks and ensure they comply with legislation and order, YOU are usually not getting paid by them to divide them. You might need thought what you have mentioned was good, however what i learn you have written was the stupidest factor I’ve seen somebody say with a holding of a place comparable to yours in a public workplace in these days! The world is combating terrorism and crime whereas you are selling crime, lawlessness and terrorism, and name it “the epitome of courage and resilience.” What is unsuitable with you? You have to go to a psychological hospital, as a result of what you say is so loopy. I don’t need to be well mannered, as a result of as you mentioned all of us need to “do what is right to our belief and conviction and push moving forward”, and I’m doing what you approve, you little bitter imbecile.

Unite your nation and never divide them, as a result of because the previous saying goes: “with friends [like you], who needs enemies?” The Philippines and Filipinos don’t want folks like you who’re performing as buddies, however in actuality are its enemy inside – the time period for an enemy inside is spy or for somebody in your place shall be referred to as as a traitor or somebody conspired to commit treason. Check your dictionary subsequent time that you thought you had a superb thought conspire you countryman and ladies to do your soiled bidding to overthrow your authorities and divide your nation in items.

If I noticed what you have been doing, you can wager that many noticed it, too.

By now you ought to have realized why I referred to as you “Carnivorous”, as a result of you are blood thirsty just like the carnivores, and what you are doing goes to trigger quite a bit of harmless folks dying. Think earlier than you bounce, and now you have jumped with out considering how far the leap you need to take, and all the way down to hell have been you belong is the place you are going, maybe subsequent to Madam Senator De Lima and Moseu Senator Trillanes and your different members of “Seven Stooges (the not so magnificent seven)”. Together you can all suppose what went unsuitable in your plans to destroy Filipinos and share it amongst your self and your foriegn masters whereas ready for the court docket day to be hung by the neck – although I’d say the standard French Guillotine could be a reminder to the those that corruption, treason and crime doesn’t pay effectively.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator

The political scientist additionally included the picture that he learn on the web claiming that Risa Hontiveros defended the Mautes mentioned that the Terrorist Group ‘is only doing what they think is right’ and folks ‘should be inspired of what they are doing’

But the camp of senator Risa Hontiveros debunked the viral picture they usually mentioned that it’s solely faux and the girl senator didn’t mentioned that sort of statements.

On Wednesday, the girl senator obtained criticisms from the netizens after she insisted that the disaster in Marawi just isn’t a revolt or invasion which may be the grounds to declare Martial Law.

She additionally mentioned that the federal government’s motion in opposition to the Maute terrorist group is taken into account overkill even the Duterte administration nonetheless have extra choices to resolve the issue in Marawi City.

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