Solicitor General Jose Calida has requested the Supreme Court (SC) to permit the federal government to use the tools it has to defend the nation.

Calida made this enchantment throughout the oral arguments held Wednesday (June 14) over the petitions searching for the nullification of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Proclamation No. 216 which declared martial regulation and suspension of habeas corpus over Mindanao.

“We ask that this Court permit the government to make use of all the tools granted to it by the Constitution,” Calida mentioned.

“Among these tools is the President’s power to declare martial law in times of invasion and rebellion when the public safety requires it,” he added.

Though some folks might even see it a “draconian measure”, the Solicitor General defined ”these are extraordinary instances” and “require extraordinary measures.”

“Affirming Proclamation No. 216 will help the government end the rebellion, bring the rebels before the bar of justice, and procure stability and a lasting peace in Mindanao,” he mentioned.