Any transfer to carry Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II accountable for mishandling the Espinosa slay case will be a futile train, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon stated Wednesday (June 21).

“He holds office at the pleasure of the President so an administrative case will not serve any function,” Drilon stated in an interview on the Senate.

Drilon stated they may file charges in opposition to Aguirre in relation to the stated case, if solely to place “political pressure” since his tenure within the Cabinet is upon the want and confidence of the President.

“I don’t want to speculate on the motives. (But) it is very clear that whatever motivated Aguirre, the motivation was wrong. He was ill-motivated by this. In fact, on the basis of what we’ve seen, there could even be malice. He admitted it was premeditated and suddenly, five or six months after, he turned around and directed the prosecutor to downgrade,” he stated.

In a tv interview earlier within the day, Drilon identified in the course of the Senate listening to final Nov. on the Espinosa killing, Aguirre himself stated it was a premeditated killing and information will bear him out on this matter.

“A premeditated killing is murder. From the mouth of Aguirre, he said there was a premeditated killing or murder. So why did he downgrade?” Drilon requested.