By Xave Gregorio

A couple of days after he met with members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), President Rodrigo Duterte stated communism should be destroyed.

In a speech at a Philippine Amusement and Gamin Corporation occasion on Thursday (January 12), Duterte likened communism to radical Islamic ideology, which needs to be destroyed.

“This will go on and on and to my simply mind, I’d give it about— it would be existing and a very virulent one for, maybe, give or take, three to seven years unless we have… unless we can destroy really,” Duterte stated.

“It’s an idea, which has to be destroyed just like the communists. That is why we are fighting the NPAs (New People’s Army) again,” he continued.

On Tuesday (January 9), Duterte met with CPC Central Committee member Meng Xiangfeng and three different CPC officers in Malacañang upon the invitation of his occasion, PDP-Laban.

While Duterte and his occasion are bridging ties with Chinese communists, Duterte has halted peace talks with Filipino communists and branded them as terrorists after the NPA, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, killed an toddler in an ambush.