While delivering his second State of the Nation Address, President Rodrigo Duterte grew to become a bit bit emotional when he recounted the issue confronted by the AFP medical center as a result of the equipment that he promised to the troopers had been nonetheless not delivered as a result of of the procurement course of.

Last 12 months, throughout his go to within the AFP Medical Center, President Rodrigo Duterte promised an MRI machine. State-of-the-art X-ray machine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to the troopers.

“last month I went to the back of my office, doon sa barracks ng presidential guards. So, we were groundbreaking for the hospitals of the soldiers. And I asked the soldiers who were there also from V. Luna, ‘Are you now using the equipment?” Duterte mentioned throughout his SONA speech.

“Alam mo ang sinagot sa akin, ―Sir, tayo-tayo na lang ang magusap huwag na ‘yan sila. T**** i**, wala pa. Hindi pa na-deliver. sus. Sinabi ko, ―If this is the way how you treat our soldiers and they are dying now and that machine was ordered a year ago, and then a coup d’état, a mutiny is not a surprise to me.” he added.

He even warned Health Secretary Ubial to change the procurement course of or else he would take away her on the spot.

“Change the procedure because I will change you.  Talagang mag-coup d’état ‘yan.” Duterte instructed Ubial throughout his SONA speech.

A sort hearted man recognized as Tinton Deveza, a efficiency advisor who heard the speech of President Rodrigo Duterte determined to assist the troopers by donating an costly medical equipment for the AFP medical center.


Source: classifiedtrends