President Rodrigo Duterte has failed to satisfy his goal to flush out the Maute and Abu Sayyaf from Marawi City by June 12, the second time he has made a foul studying of the actual fight state of affairs.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella was left to elucidate how Duterte’s forecasting powers failed twice – he predicted the Marawi battle to finish in three days on June four and June 9 – because the President stored out of the general public eye from June 12 to 13.

“The June 12 was a working deadline set by the military. However, as we have very well seen, that the issue is more complicated on the ground. But considering the fact that they’ve done great advances, I think we need to credit that,” mentioned Abella.

In his day by day replace on the Marawi battle which started final May 23, Abella mentioned that the navy succeeded in holding ceremonial flag elevating occasions on the Marawi Capitol and the City Municipal Hall on Independence Day; troops continued to achieve essential foothold; and enemy resistance has dwindled.

“So we are achieving our milestones. We celebrate the milestones. We in fact… The fact is we were able to raise the flag in Marawi yesterday in spite of some pockets of resistance. So yes, we continue to do… We continue to pursue the total, complete clearing of Marawi and hopefully of Mindanao,” he mentioned.

But he admitted that the navy has been slowed down in its city warfare as a result of terrorists have used civilians as human shields; madrasahs and mosques as staging areas and secure havens; and maximized using a tunnel community in the town.

He reiterated thrice that it was the navy, and never the President, who made the three-day deadlines and he was getting visibily aggravated why the media badgered him on the problem.

“As I said earlier, let me just say it more slowly, I suppose. It was a working deadline set by the military and the President is set — is very — his intentions are really to complete the work. But it must be complete and total work. In other words, it’s not just the Marawi situation that has to be addressed, it must be the terrorist threat in the entire Mindanao and in the Philippines,” mentioned Abella.

“It’s a working deadline. It’s something that they set for themselves. And so, we are… It’s a process of achieving towards that. It’s not an end, it’s a goal, okay?” he added.


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