The navy is fast to take umbrage at solutions that it has little or no functionality to undertake surgical assaults in Marawi City and restrict civilan casualties.

In a Malacañang briefing, Armed Forces spokesperson Restituto Padilla stated: “Please do not underestimate your soldiers. We have been into this fight longer than any country in this part of the world and in anywhere else. And we have and proven ourselves many times over.”

“We do have the expertise, we do have the people to man equipment and we have the equipment to do surgical airstrikes,” he added.

Padilla claimed that the navy has thus far been profitable in limiting the collateral injury from civilians getting caught within the cross hearth in Marawi City as ‎the terrorists took hostages throughout their siege final week.

Padilla stated the navy’s precedence was to reduce collateral injury by “eliminating that resistance in the least amount of force that can be applied.”‎ He stated this was the rationale why the navy made it some extent to rescue as many individuals as they might earlier than launching an airstrike.

“If it calls for a surgical airstrike of some sort, then we will try to make sure that we only aim for that particular point of resistance and nothing else. And we are capable of doing that. And in fact, we have successfully been doing that,” stated Padilla.

“If there are innocent lives I guess at this point I cannot answer you because we have not been able to inflict any harm on civilians,” he added.

He stated 390 individuals have been rescued from Marawi City ‎as of 6:00 p.m. final May 28. The navy reported 19 civilians have been killed by terrorist teams. There had been 61 enemies reported killed whereas 18 troopers and police have died within the ongoing firefight.