A Filipina and a German National stood up to defend President Rodrigo Duterte at the Human Rights International Convention held in Geneva Switzerland.

They debated with the human rights skilled together with United Nations Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard on the alleged extrajudicial killings occurring in the Philippines.

The nonetheless unnamed Filipino who traveled from Germany to Switzerland defended the aspect of the President and defined how rampant is the extrajudicial killings even earlier than Duterte got here from energy.

In response, Dr. Callamard requested the Filipina to induce the authorities to permit them to go to the Philippines as a result of she believes that there’s “better alternatives that does not include BLOOD THRISTY” actions.

After that a German National stood up and engaged with Dr. Callamard and he accused the UN Rapporteur of calling President Duterte a assassin.

You can watch the full video right here:

Source: pinoytrending