95 out of 105 nations that attended the third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland had been convinced that the Duterte administration didn’t sponsored the alleged killings of criminals in the Philippines.

In a press convention, Department of Interior and Local Government assistant Sec. Epimaco Densing mentioned that the majority of the nations congratulated the Philippines for enhancing the human rights state of affairs in the nation after they offered the most correct knowledge in the UPR.

“One hundred and nine countries committed in the UPR… All 95 countries who prepared their intervention congratulated the Philippines for improving human rights situation the past five years,” Densing informed reporters.

According to Densing, regardless of of the considerations of the different 15 to 20 nations who expressed their alarm over the rising quantity of drug suspects killed in police operations, none of them opposed the struggle in opposition to unlawful medication by the authorities.

“They were in a neutral tone. In fact, the 95 countries didn’t say that we should discontinue our anti-drug campaign. They only mentioned that we should review the EJKs in the country. They never said that we should stop the campaign,” he added.

The nations additionally mentioned that they obtained the previous knowledge from the native media which already accused by the authorities of allegedly attempting to unfold false statistics on the ongoing struggle on medication.

He mentioned they’ve already defined that the complete quantity of killings is the summery of all the instances together with murder and homicide instances.

“The problem is we give the facts and figures but local media is not reporting our side,” Densing pointed out.

Densing mentioned that the Philippine delegation journey to Geneva final week was an enormous success as a result of they already defined the aspect of the authorities and offered the actual datas to the worldwide neighborhood.

Source: pinoytrending